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One of the joys of raising bees is the excess honey the bees create for us each year (well most years).

We all use this honey in different ways on our cereal, in our coffee and tea and in our home created  or borrowed recipes.

We urge anyone who has a favorite home made recipe using honey to email a copy to us and we'll post it on this web site. 


If you have "borrowed" one from someone else or modified a recipe calling for sugar, and like it - submit it with a notation of the source and modifications (if any) you have made.

The buttons below will bring up recipes our members have created or found.  I you have any variations on the posted recipes send those as well and we'll communicate with the original submitter and add your suggested modifications as an addendum. Remember that each of our tastes are different so the increase/decrease or addition/subtraction of any ingredient just adds to the variety of our taste sensations.


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