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(if you have a favorite site to share let us know - we'll add it here).

2022 BEE SOURCES Click me to see them

 Scientific Beekeeping is an excellent site maintained by Randy Oliver.

Thanks to Stephanie Martin and daughter Taylor for this link.

Teaching Kids About the Importance of Honeybees

 A commercial site with descriptions of honey bee jobs, pollination, and other information and several links to other sites makes for enjoyable reading (a couple of the links appear to not work but several have interesting information).  There are many sites on the internet about beekeeping with lots of information. 

Thanks to Nicolas and his student Olivia for this link. 

Nicolas is a volunteer for an alternative learning program for kids and Olivia is a student there.  It is good to have young people interested in bees and the things they provide us.  Not sure where they are at but hope that Olivia can get an opportunity to work with some bees. (Jan 3, 2023)


We really like readers to contribute information to our site.  It would help if you gave your location an any experiences you have had with bees.

One thing to remember – if you ask a group of 10 beekeepers a question you may get 15-20 different answers and each may be right in some circumstances. 


KEEP READING and apply what makes sense and works for you and your bees and most importantly:

Find and join a local beekeepers club to gain locally applicable information and maybe connect with a mentor to help out.



Beekeepers of the Bitterroot Facebook Page
University of Montana's Master Beekeeping Program Facebook Page


This site is a direct link to Montana's bee keeping regulations.

Bees | The Montana Department of Agriculture

This site gives you access to apiary (including hobbyist) REGISTRATION forms and other links with Montana bee keeping information


Western Bee, located in Polson for easy pickup

Dadant and Sons, Beekeeping Equipment and Beekeeper Supplies

Apiaries of Montana, locally produced (Bitterroot Valley) boxes and frames (availability and price list on his Facebook page.)





This is a great club based out of Boise, ID. They've got tons of information on their website - it's definitely worth a look! 

Heard a lot about yellow jackets this summer?  Here is a link to a YouTube video for home made traps

Western Apicultural Society of North America's  website provides news of that organization and a link to the current WAS journal.

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