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Below you will find a list of bee sources for the 2024 spring season 

Things to know: All bees coming into Montana from out of state must have a certificate of health issued from the state of origin. This is to prevent the spread of disease.  Most sellers require full or partial pre-payment and these deposits and purchases are generally non-refundable. This is at the discretion of the seller. When receiving your packages, queens, and nucs, it is your responsibility to inspect them carefully before leaving the sellers yard. A few sellers offer guarantees and some allow you to cancel or change your order. Know your terms before you buy and inspect your bees before leaving the bee yard.

Check the suppliers' websites/phone to verify this information and to see if they match your requirements and then order. 

Check with other club members to possibly consolidate orders, pickups, and deliveries.

Check their website or call - some are taking orders already
Arlee Apiaries:  (406) 560-1307 2024
Will start taking orders for 5 frames nucs on Feb 1st. They will be $200. Contact will be through the Facebook page, my phone number 406-560-1307 or our email
Outdoor Bee Company: Messaged 1-1-24 awaiting reply
Nuc-5 frame: $180 (mid April/May)
Reserve Only
FREE delivery to Wenatchee, Bozeman, Butte, Missoula, and Stevensville mid-to-end of April/early May.
Bitterroot Buzz Bees 2024
as of 1-1-24 2024 Bee Nucs available for pre-order
Nuc-5 frame: $220
10 Frame Established Colony $350
(late April/May)
Deposit Required $55 (non refundable)
Pick up in Stevi only
Questions you can visit the website, the store, or contact (406) 531-9969
Bitterroot Buzz Bees LLC
407 Main St Suite B
Stevensville, MT 59870
Western Bee Supplies:  (406) 883-2918 2024
2023 $175
Western Bee Supplies, Inc. will once again be bringing in three lb. packages of Carniolans with a marked queen. This is our 29th straight year of providing bees to hobbyists in MT, WY, ID and WA. Pricing is not set yet (as of 1-1-24), and a non-refundable $20 deposit/package is required. Bee Day will be on a Friday the 3rd or 4th week of April. Looking for drivers to various areas around the state.
To get on the list, call the office at 406-883-2918 starting Jan. 2nd.
Woodenware, Supplies, Package Bees
3 lb. packages
Sunrise Honey Company:  (509) 936-1088 2023 information
Now taking orders
2023 Price -   5 Frame Nuc - $160.00
Extra Queens (Depending on Availability) - $38.00 each
MUST CALL Lorene to order; specify
pick up location: 509-936-1088 Lorene
Rod Smith Plan Bee 2024
We are currently taking orders for Nucs for spring of 2024, we will have 5 frame nucs our bee's are a mixed breed leaning towards the Corniolan side of the family, they are fantastic honey producers, and tend to overwinter well when taken care of properly, we have been selling nucs for quite a few years now and have thousands of satisfied customers that claim our bee's have A great temperament and are very easy to work. I am happy to answer any questions you may have, and always take my time to answer any questions for our customers. Price is the same as last season 200.00 per nuc. Please call or text me Rod Smith at 406 788 2880, week days are best after 4 pm or leave a message and I will call him back as soon as possible. Thank you all for your support we are a local Montana business. Rod Smith 406 788 2880
Checking if he runs a delivery truck to/through Missoula.
DADANT Corporate Office - Hamilton, Illinois 2023 information
Last years data below Email sent 1-1-24
Order webpage - click here
Package Bees 3 lbs Shipped to Western States
States We Can Ship Bees To:
  • North Dakota
  • Montana
  • Wyoming
  • Colorado
  • • Package contains approximately 3 lbs of bees, limited packages available
  • • Young, naturally mated marked queen included in package
  • • Calm, gentle Italian bees • No cage exchange necessary
  • • Insurance and shipping included with all packages
  • • No Hidden Fees
  • Various shipping dates – select on ordering.
Mann Lake – (from their web page 1-1-24)
Has a large variety of package bees from $175-210
Check the link above for more information
They only ship a couple of varieties from their Minnesota location so wander around the web site.
Woodenware, Supplies also available
Global Patties - Butte
Pollen Patties 
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