Below you will find a list of bee sources for the 2022 spring season 

Things to know: All bees coming into Montana from out of state must have a certificate of health issued from the state of origin. This is to prevent the spread of disease.  Most sellers require full or partial pre-payment and these deposits and purchases are generally non-refundable. This is at the discretion of the seller. When receiving your packages, queens, and nucs, it is your responsibility to inspect them carefully before leaving the sellers yard. A few sellers offer guarantees and some allow you to cancel or change your order. Know your terms before you buy and inspect your bees before leaving the bee yard.

Check the suppliers' websites to see if they match your requirements and then order.  You can check other club members to maybe consolidate orders/deliveries. 


If you intend to start beekeeping in 2022 or if you want to add or replace honeybee colonies, now (Jan-Feb) is the time to order bees.  There are many options for purchasing packaged bees or nucs.  


Western Bee Supplies:  (406) 883-2918

Email:  Email:


Woodenware, Supplies, Package Bees
3 lb. packages

2022 price TBD
(2021 3# package: $160)
Deposit Required; Pick up in
Polson (late April/early May)

Sunrise Honey Company:  (509) 936-1088

Nuc-5 frame: $150 with mated queen

MUST CALL Lorene to order; specify
pick up location: 509-936-1088 Lorene

Pick up bees in Clayton, WA (North of Spokane) mid/late April.

Pick Up in Missoula - late April

Arlee Apiaries:  (406) 560-1307

Nuc-5 frame: $185 (late April/May)
List starts Feb 1st
Pick up in Arlee
406-560-1307 JheriAnne

Outdoor Bee Company: 

Nuc-5 frame: $170 (mid April/May)
Reserve Only
*Pick Up-Specify*

Mann Lake
Woodenware, Supplies

Global Patties - Butte
Pollen Patties
Call first - Mon-Fri 7 AM - 1 PM

Bitterroot Buzz Bees
Nuc-5 frame: $210 (late
Deposit Required
Pick up in Stevi/Missoula