Below you will find a list of bee sources for the 2021 spring season 

I am quite late in compiling this list so I borrowed BigSky Beekeepers list (see below)

Below that I kept the list from spring 2020  You will note changes in prices and contitions from Big Sky's list.  I believe the contact information in the 2020 list should be the same


Things to know: All bees coming into Montana from out of state must have a certificate of health issued from the state of origin. This is to prevent the spread of disease.  Most sellers require full or partial pre-payment and these deposits and purchases are generally non-refundable. This is at the discretion of the seller. When receiving your packages, queens, and nucs, it is your responsibility to inspect them carefully before leaving the sellers yard. A few sellers offer guarantees and some allow you to cancel or change your order. Know your terms before you buy and inspect your bees before leaving the bee yard.

Check the suppliers' websites to see if they match your requirements and then order.  You can check other club members to maybe consolidate orders/deliveries. 

NETFLIX has a very interesting documentary about honey and honey bees in the first episode of “Rotten”.  I highly recommend watching it if you have a few minutes



If you intend to start beekeeping in 2021 or if you want to add or replace honeybee colonies, now is the time to order bees.  There are many options for purchasing packaged bees or nucs.  Here are some suppliers recommended by members of Big Sky Beekeepers:


Western Bee Supplies:  (406) 883-2918

Email:  Email:


3 lb. packages with a marked Carniolan queen, $160.

A $20 deposit is required when ordering.

Now taking orders until sold out.


Sunrise Honey Company:  (509) 936-1088

5 frame nucs with mated queen, $140.

Extra queens (depending on availability) $35.

Taking orders until sold out.

Delivery date is usually a Saturday in mid-April.

Pick up bees in Clayton, WA (North of Spokane).


Arlee Apiaries:  (406) 560-1307

5 frame nucs with a laying queen, $165.

Taking orders beginning February 1 until sold out.


Outdoor Bee Company:  (509) 270-5803

5 frame nucs containing a laying queen and brood in all stages, $150.

Now taking orders online.

Free delivery to Missoula in early May.


Below is info I compiled for the 2020 orders.  Prices and conditions will undoubtedly have changed.

Western Bee Supplies: (406) 883-2918

Email:  Email:


3 lb. packages of bees with marked Carniolan queen. $155 and $20 non-refundable deposit per package. Pick up date in Polson is scheduled to be Friday, 4/24/20.

Now taking orders until 600 are sold out.

Pick up bees in Polson, but there is usually a pickup location in Missoula.

If a Missoula pickup location becomes available people reserving their packages will have to tell Western Bee that they are with Beekeepers of the Bitterroot and that they want their bees to come down to Missoula.


Sunrise Honey Company: (509) 936-1088

5 frame nucs with mated queen, $150.

Extra queens (depending on availability) $35.

Will start taking orders January 18, 2020 until sold out

Delivery date is usually a Saturday in mid-April.

Pick up bees in Clayton, WA (North of Spokane).

Check their website for more details.

Beekeepers of the Bitterroot will not be transporting NUCS from Clayton this year.

Northwest Bee Supply: (855) 796-8544

Tried their number Jan 8th – there was a problem.  Checked their website.  Left a message for updated info.

Sent another message via their website Jan 16th.  Will update here as soon as I hear from them.

Last year’s info below:

4 lb. packages, Italian or Carniolan, with queen, $155.

Also available are Italian or Carniolan queens, $38.

Now taking orders.  Order by March 1 to assure availability.

Delivery date expected to be in April.

Pick up bees at a delivery location in Missoula.


Arlee Apiaries: (406) 560-1307

We have messages in and will update as soon as

we get information.  Earlier info below

4 frame nucs with laying queen, $150 in 2017.


Outdoor Bee Company: (509) 270-5803

5 frame nucs containing a laying queen and brood in all stages, $150.

Now taking orders online.

Free delivery to Missoula scheduled for early May.

Tractor Supply, Lolo, MT

Is offering on-line ordering for 3 pound packages of Italian or Carniolan bees with queen for direct shipment to your home via UPS.  Price is $199.99 including shipping.  The bees are sourced from Harvest Lane Honey.


This year, as a service to our Western Montana communities, "Plan Bee" (FB) will be selling NUC's and we are now taking orders for the Spring of 2020.

These will be nice 5 frame NUC's, with laying queens in already drawn comb foundations. They are priced at $165.00 per NUC. A $50 deposit is required at the time of order.

The bees are a mixed breed with very strong Montana genetics. They are good honey producers and tend to over winter well if taken care of properly.

The NUC's will be coming from Vaughn, MT, just outside of Great Falls. The supplier of these outstanding NUC's is Mr. Rod Smith.

Rod Smith has been doing this for several years and his customers, from all over Montana, have had very good success with his bees and customer service.

Deliveries will be made in late April to early May, depending on the weather at that time, and from Kalispell down to Missoula.

Call, text or message me with any questions that you may have! My cell number: 1.406.270.5735

As always, thank you for your support of our Military and 1st Responder Veterans here at "Plan Bee".


Chuck Lewis. USMC Plan Bee Admin.

Hugus Creek Honey Farm:

We are currently accepting orders for nucs.
Nucs have a "to be announced" pick up date but should be ready third week of May? depending on build up and spring weather. All bees will be for pick up at our store location only (17100 hwy 5, St. Maries, ID) we do not ship bees. All bee orders will be pre paid in full in advance or you are not actually on the "Bee List" we will mail you a receipt once your payment is received.
We prefer to have bee orders sent via email to our business at:
for easier tracking purposes please include your email address, mailing address and phone numbers. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards for payment and you can mail payment to us at: Hugus Creek Honey Farm, PO Box 640, St. Maries, ID 83861
Italian/Carni cross Nucs are 5 deep frames with bees, brood, honey, pollen and laying Queen in a waxed cardboard nuc box.
$155+ tax equals $164.30 each

Must mail payment to PO Box 640, St. Maries, ID 83861
Sorry No Package Bees Available This Year!
We will contact you 1-2 weeks before bees are ready for pick up.
We offer a complete line of beekeeping supplies and equipment.


Found ad on Facebook where they will deliver NUCS directly to your door for $179.  Check their website listed above for specific details.

Of course you can always search for bees on Google and find other sources too.  If you find a good one let us know and we will post it here.