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The Board of Directors of the Beekeepers of the Bitterroot met on Thursday April 8th, 2021 via Zoom, and made the following decisions:

  1. Because of the craziness of the Covid pandemic and limitations to CDC recommendations for safe gatherings, the board voted unanimously to waive the $25 annual family membership for everyone in 2021.  Everyone gets in for FREE!  Our club is in a strong financial condition, so the lack of income for our annual memberships will not adversely affect our financial condition.

  2. The Board also voted to donate $400 to Mosaic Church in appreciation of their flexibility and generosity.

  3. A motion passed to donate $250 directly to the Bitter Root RC&D organization which manages our finances, tracks our assets, and administers our finances.  Because their non-profit organization normally charges a percentage of our income in exchange for their services, we felt it was unfair to expect RC&D to continue their excellent services when we won't provide any normal revenue to them in 2021.

  4.  Finally, we discussed how our organization could best provide direction and assistance to new and experienced beekeepers in absence of normal meetings. 

    1. We will soon be sending out a "Beekeeping Task Calendar" which will show our recommendations for keeping your bees healthy throughout the year. 

    2. In case you need help, we'll also be updating and publishing the list of the experienced beekeepers who have volunteered to help nearby beekeepers on a personal level with questions and recommendations.  Click the MENTORS button above for this list.

    3. More to follow



Thanks, and let's hope that 2022 improves over 2020 and 2021.

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