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MARCH 2023

Beekeepers of the Bitterroot will be holding our regular monthly meeting on Monday MARCH 13 6pm to 8pm at the Mosaic Church at 206 W Main in Hamilton 2 doors west of the Naps Restaurant.

Canned food donations are graciously accepted as a thank you for allowing us to use the church for our meetings.

Topics that will be covered this month are as follows:

  • Discuss the resources for getting bees  and woodenware.

  • Varroa life cycle and treatments.

  • Start a regional mentoring program. (We need volunteers.  You don't need to be a long term beekeeper - just being with someone working on their hives can help.)

  • We will have a handout "Honeybee Terminology" for a bit of discussion.

  • Any suggestions message us at: MEETING TOPIC

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