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The club has a great opportunity on Saturday, June 17th to watch a bear fence installation.  Michelle Dieterich from the Bitterroot Bear Resource Committee attended our club meeting on Monday June 12th and shared information about bears in the Bitterroot. She has set up an electric bear fence installation for club members to come and watch.  Russ Talmo from Defenders of Wildlife and Bruce Montgomery from FWP- Bitterroot Bear Specialist will be installing the fence.  They have several years experience installing electric fencing. 
Saturday, June 17th
9:00 am
1151 Cherry Orchard Loop, Hamilton
Instead of going all the way to 1151, turn right on Dixie Lane, a dirt road with a small sign.  Follow that road just a short way and park on the left.
The property owner's address is 1151 Cherry Orchard Loop but the bee/bear fence will be placed at 536 Dixie Lane. (also know as Christie Lane)

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.
Happy Beekeeping,
Andrea Sangster
Beekeepers of the Bitterroot


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