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Below you will find a list of bee sources from the Gallatin Valley Beekeepers

When & Where to Order Bees for 2018
Gallatin Valley Beekeepers is a neutral party and has compiled this list as a resource for our members. Descriptive text has been provided by the sellers, their websites, or are quoted from posts on Montana club facebook pages and the Montana Beekeepers Forum on Facebook. We encourage you to research your seller and their policies. Sellers are listed in alphabetical order by the seller’s last name. We have made every attempt to provide accurate information. Please contact us at with any changes or additions.
Things to know: All bees coming into Montana from out of state must have a certificate of health issued from the state of origin. This is to prevent the spread of disease. The state of Montana does not have enforcement regarding the health of honeybee livestock that you receive. Most sellers require full or partial pre-payment and these deposits and purchases are generally non-refundable. This is at the discretion of the seller. When receiving your packages, queens, and nucs, it is your responsibility to inspect them carefully before leaving the sellers yard. A few sellers offer guarantees and some allow you to cancel or change your order. Know your terms before you buy and inspect your bees before leaving the bee yard.

Lisa & Wade Foley, Owners
Tamarack Apiaries, LLC, Kalispell, MT
Phone: 406/890-2337
Order Deadline: Start taking orders Feb 1st. Deadline February 28, 2018
Price: Packages $150, Nucs $190 – 2017 prices – please confirm.
Source: Great Northern Bees, Sequim, Washington, & Treasure State Honey for nucs.
Description: Italian & Carniolan, 4lb packages of bees, $150 – Treasure State Honey for nucs – they come from California. $190. Pick them up, might deliver if we have a large enough order. Lisa and Wade may have Northern Hardy queens available with individually traceable genetic lines in their breeding stock. They may begin selling this summer. Please check with them in May or June.
Guarantee: unknown

Keegan, Jherianne, and Bill Fluke
Arlee Apiaries
35134 Saddle Mountain Road, Arlee, MT 59821

Phone: Jherianne Fluke at (406) 560-1307
Price: Nucs $160 Arlee Apiaries will be selling nucs again this year. They will be 4 frames plus an in hive frame feeder in a cardboard nuc box. Queens will be loose and laying. The bees will be mutts but should lean more toward Italian traits. Pick up date will be on a Saturday at the end of April or beginning of May depending on weather. We will have 250 available. NO DEPOSIT NO FRAME EXCHANGE NO BOX RETURN
Note: Keegan Fluke is the current President of the Montana State Beekeepers Association and is a multi-generational beekeeper. Bill Fluke, Keegan’s father is the past president of the MSBA.

Vance Galbraith: Recommendation: Montana Beekeepers Forum – Great Falls
Phone: 863-632-0576 Price: $30 + shipping – would someone like to take on coordinating an order for Gallatin?
Description: ”Mite Biters Queens” – no Varroa treatments since 2005. Martha Carpenter Italian Queens.
Order Deadline: Our queens are also limited in quantity so when they are sold, we are all out.
Martha & William Carpenter, Carpenters Apiaries, 10 Marlow Road, Frostproof, Florida 33843 “Probably the best value for the money and good bees I have gotten from (see below under Mark Vannyhuis) means a road trip but it seems everything in Montana does. My favorite source of queens are mite biters from Carpenters Apiaries in Frostproof, Florida. I will be ordering from him again this year and anyone wanting queens for splits or re-queening can piggyback on my order. These are not inexpensive queens and with airfreight were around $38 each last year. If you want inexpensive queens we usually get a consortium together and purchase commercial queens from Glenn Hofmann a commercial beek. They make a lot of honey and are pleasant to work but you definitely need to monitor and treat mites. Both sources I do not profit from, I just must do it to feel important and control scalpers.”

 Jed Huseby, Owner
Huseby Apiaries, LLC

Cell/text: 406-580-1229
Price: $140
Description: 3-pound Carniolan packages, from CF Koehnen in California. The bees will have been in the cages approximately 24 hours, if there are no travelling delays. This is a comparatively short amount of time, and they should arrive in very good health. We plan to travel through Idaho Falls, Island Park, Ennis, Norris, Bozeman, and East on I-90 and I-94, to Terry, MT.
We can drop packages all along the route, if people can meet us along the way. We are carrying extras with our own packages, so the bees will be cared for and transported by beekeepers. Space is limited. Interested people will want to reserve their packages as soon as possible. We will need to receive payment by April 15. Checks can be written to Huseby Apiaries, LLC
Delivery: Bozeman, on May 5th, probably mid-day.
Note: Jed Huseby is a member of the GVBK, lives in Bozeman, and will be teaching a queen rearing class this spring and speaking at our March meeting on queen rearing.

Mike Manship – Gallatin Valley Beekeeper – Member Recommendation​
Long Lane Honey Bee Farms
Phone: Tues - Thur. 10-4:30 central time. 217-427-2678
Order Deadline: Until Soldout
The queens that we sell are not a specific "race" but rather queens that have been raised from selected northern colonies that we are proud of. Our queens are raised here in Illinois. As producers we are in compliance with the Illinois Department of Agricultural's rules and regulation regarding raising queens. All hives from which we are raising queens have passed inspection for 2017.
Note: Mike had 100% overwinter success rate in 2017. He requeened with queens from this operation and also recommends these online classes and their blog. Mike uses Slovenian hives and has completed the first level of the Master Beekeeper’s program at UM.

Rick Molenda, Owner
Western Bee Supplies, Inc., Polson
Phone: Call your order in to 406-883-2918,
Hours: M-F 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Order Deadline: Now taking orders until sold out.
“3 lb. Carniolan package with marked queen - $140. Must be able to pick up in Polson or make other arrangements for pick up on Friday April 27th before 3 p.m. Western Bee has been bringing in 3 lb. packages with marked queens for over 20 years. 600 packages coming in again for 2018. We have a great source of healthy Carnolians - you really have to screw up to kill them.”
Delivery date is expected to be in late April.
Note: Would someone in Gallatin County like to coordinate a pickup from Polson or Missoula?

Order: Online at link above.
Order Deadline: March 22, 2018
Price: 3lbs Italian or Carniolan Packages $149.95, Italian or Carniolan Queens $52.99, Russian Queens $64.99. Bees are sourced through Harvest Lane Honey.
Pickup Locations: local Murdocks store - Bozeman, Cheyenne, Clifton, Greeley, Hamilton, Helena, Kalispell, Laramie, Longmont, Miles City, Missoula, Montrose, Parker, Rock Springs and Salida.
Ordering Instructions: Bee orders must be placed on Select from 3# packages (Italian or Carniolan) or 3 queen bees (Italian, Carniolan or Russian). Choose your pick-up location and provide your best contact information available. Murdoch’s will send updated pick-up information as the arrival dates approach. Be sure to sign up for our beekeeping newsletter so you will receive monthly beekeeping tips to help you grow a healthy hive and updates on bee arrival. Get prepared by heading over to our blog, The Dirt, to make sure that you have everything you need before your bees arrive! Murdoch's will notify you 24 hours in advance of delivery date.
Hours: For phone help with on-line orders, M-F, 8am-5pm (MST/MDT)
Phone: (855)232-9104, Bozeman Murdock’s: (406) 586-8466
Guarantee: Murdock’s does guarantee live queens. Replacements will be expressed shipped to your nearest store.
Note: This is a new bee supplier for Murdock’s.

Daniel Nader – GVBK – Member Recommendation
Canadian Valley Farms – Russian Purebred

Address: Canadian Valley Farms, 12781 Slaughterville Rd, Lexington, OK 73051 Contact: Andy Wooliver,
Phone: 405-708-3033
Price: Russian NUCs $175, If 10 or more are ordered, it will be $165 each. $50 deposit due now.
ORIGIN OF BEES: Canadian Valley Farms, Lexington, OK. The bees are in Lexington, OK, however the owner/business is out of Wiggins, Mississippi. Coy Bee Company queens are bred from pure Russian bees and are Certified members of the Russian Honey Bee Breeders Association and sell Pure Russian queens and Nucs.
TERMS:$50 deposit before the end of January, then the balance will be due April 1st.
“As soon as they are available and the Montana weather is good enough I’m going to drive down to pick them up.”
INSTRUCTIONS: Order directly with Andy Wooliver, Canadian Valley Farms, 405-708-3033..
Inform Andy you are part of the Montana order that Daniel Nadler is picking up. Credit Card is 3% more, charged by the website, if you choose that method. Andy will be able to provide you with how to go about using a credit card to pay.

Northwest Bee Supply – Recommendation Big Sky Beekeepers
Phone: (855) 796-8544
Description: 4 lb. packages, Italian or Carniolan, with queen, $155. Also available are Italian or Carniolan queens, $38.
Order Deadline: Now taking orders. Order by March 1 to assure availability.
Delivery date expected to be in April.
Pick up bees at a delivery location in Missoula.

Outdoor Bee Company: Recommendation – Big Sky Beekeepers
Phone: (509) 270-5803
Location: Spokane, Washington
Order Deadline: Now taking orders online until supplies run out.
-5 frame Nuc will consist of 3 frames of all stages of brood and fourth and fifth frame with honey, pollen, and bees. No introduction of a queen since she is already laying eggs and has capped brood.These nucs have more bees and potential than a package (up to 6 weeks ahead) Each nuc is evaluated individually
The combs you will be getting have never been exposed to antibiotics. Mite treatments only when necessary
-Queens will be grafted from our stock (mostly old-world WSU and Glenn background genetics).We select for honey production, gentleness, disease resistance, and low swarm tendency.
-Italian and Carniolan available.
-Bees survive well in our dry summers and cold winters.
-Queens are never banked but are born into the nuc and evaluated after mating. Queens will be allowed to lay 3 weeks or better and all of her brood will be evaluated. She will need to have 3+ frames of excellent brood pattern to pass our standard.
– Nucs are less likely to supersede their queen compared to a 3lb package. She is already a proven functioning part of the new hive.
-Nucs build up bee populations faster increasing your chances of a bigger honey crop!
-All customers are welcome to check nucs before purchase.
– Nucs come in a non-returnable box.
-Please note these are DEEP (9.5/8) nucs but medium (6.5/8) are also available.
$140 with Cardboard box No deposit required, except if ordering 25 or more (Please contact us to discuss) Available Mid April
Delivery: FREE delivery to Wenatchee, Bozeman, Butte, and Missoula mid-to-end of April. Current approximate scheduled delivery: Wenatchee: April 14, Spokane/Post Falls: April 15-21, Missoula: April 27, Bozeman/Butte: April 28

Douglas Stream – Reseller for Sunshine Apiary – Posted on Montana Beekeepers Forum
Sunshine Apiary
Price: $ unknown
Order Deadline: unknown
“For the past 7 years, I have been booking 5-frame nucs for beekeepers all across the state, but especially those who live in Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley. These high quality nucs originate from Sunshine Apiary. If there is sufficient demand, we will offer these nucs again.” “The nucs are made up every April in California and shipped back to Stillwater County (near Columbus) around the first of May. Sunshine Apiary has been in business for well over 30 years and is one of the most reputable bee operations in the United States.”
Guarantee: unknown

Steve & Joyce Thorson
Montana Honey Bee Company
Phone: Call or visit the store to order. 406/624-6446. No refunds on orders or changes.
Store Location: 19 S Tracy, Bozeman, Montana 59715
Hours of Operation: 10a-6p M-S
Deadline: January 31 or when sold out.
Price: 4lbs packages, $140, 5-Frame Nucs $150
Description: We will have Amish 5-frame Carniolan “Chemical-free” nucs for sale for $150 ea. These nucs are from Wisconsin. 4# Carniolan packages, unmarked queens, for $140. The packages will be shaken in Montana. The bees come from California. Pick up will be in the Bozeman area around May 1st. We will sell out fast.
Guarantee: Queen is guaranteed for the first 24 hours after pick up and must be returned to the store in the queen cage.

Mark Vannyhuis – Recommendation: Montana Beekeepers Forum – Whitefish
Sunrise Honey Company: Clayton, Washington

Phone: (509) 936-1088
Ordering Instructions:
Price: 5 frame nucs with mated queen, $135. Extra queens (depending on availability) $30.
Order Deadline: Now taking orders until sold out.
“I have bought from them for many years and had excellent service! They have been selling into Montana for many years. Usually there's someone going over that can help bring some back. Last year I brought back 40 nucs and some then went on to GreatFalls.” Manny Vannyhuis
Delivery date: is usually a Saturday in mid-April. Pick up bees in Clayton, WA (North of Spokane).
Note: Gallatin Valley would need to coordinate pickup.
Terms: A Non-refundable 50% deposit will be required on all orders of 5 or more Nuc's within 2 weeks of the date you place your order. All Nuc sales are C.O.D (cash on delivery) We Do Not accept credit cards. Guarantee: We Guarantee that you will receive from us a new Living 2018 Mated Queen inside your Nuc. (This Queen is still in a queen cage and must be released before she can begin laying new eggs. You are responsible for releasing the queen from her cage into the nuc). We get all of our queens from Experienced Queen Breeders that we have done business with for many years and are confident in their product. We use the very same queens in our own hives throughout the year. While we typically enjoy a 90-95% success rate at introducing these new Queens We Do Not and Cannot Guarantee that every queen will be accepted and/or become a perfect producer. We do offer replacement queens depending on availability for pickup through April, May and June for $30.

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