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On warm days, in mid-March 2017, my bees (just up Dutch Hill road) were coming back with lots of bright yellow pollen.  I wasn’t able to determine where they were getting it since I had to go out of state until the end of March.  I watched my bees come back during the summer with many different colors of pollen – soft yellow, bright yellow, tan, dark brown, black, and then at the end of the season as it was getting cool enough that I wondered why they were even going out with some bright red pollen.


I think it would be very interesting to know what was blooming, when, and where in the Bitterroot Valley in order to know the source of the pollen and probably nectar too.


A link below opens a spreadsheet showing beginning bloom dates starting in 2014 through this year. 

We would like to continue to add to this data for this and future years.  In addition we'd like to add the area in the valley a particular date relates to (i.e., upper Dutch Hill, Middle Burnt Fork, east of Corvallis,  etc. as specific as you can) and when applicable and possible when the particular bloom ends. 


If you want to help with this project please complete and submit the form below.

The column "GDD" refers to "Growing Degree Days" which is a measurement used to forecast crop growth.  A little complicated - for more info see: or


Fill in as much bloom information as you want

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Thanks! We'll add this data to the spreadsheet.

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