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The 2019 Beeginning Beekeeping class took the place of the regular January meeting.  It was a resounding success with paid registrations and 11 trainer/exhibitor/guest attendees. 


The venue at the Bitterroot Inn and Convention Center was great, thank you Bitterroot Inn.  They provided a clean and comfortable area and kept the coffee and hot water filled all day. 


Loren, Warren, Jaylene, Tracie, Richard provided educational (and entertaining) presentations.  If you would like to review the lessons go to Bitterroot Beekeepers Shared Drive.


Kellieann Morris, “Raghorn Express”, catered a superb lunch table where we were able to make our own sandwich and load up with a tasty pasta salad, fruits and desert.  Her granddaughter helped set up the table.  Both of them are interested in keeping bees so we hope to see them again.


Kellieann did double duty by presenting an extremely interesting talk on pollinator plants in the Bitterroot.  Since she works at the Ravalli County weed district she put in a plug for surveying our land for noxious weeds.  She and two of her coworkers in attendance answered a few questions on spraying.


In our post class meeting we discussed doing a second class with some advanced topics splitting hives, queen making, etc.  If you are interested please CONTACT US with your specific interest.

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