This is the time of year we need to start controlling(dissuading)  swarms from our hives

And watching for swarms from other apiaries flying by or hanging in the trees, on fences, walls, and other places.  

Below are some links to sites showing methods of controlling swarms from our hives and also links to resources to capture swarms we discover. 

swarm 1.jpg

Swarms are beautiful

Swarm Control is an interesting YouTube video from the University of Guelph, in Guelph, Ontario, Canada showing a couple of methods of swarm prevention.  It would be better to prevent your colonies from swarming than trying to capture one that has already left your hive.



An interesting YouTube video on Splitting Hives is presented by the University of Guelph, in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  This is one of the ways swarms can be prevented before they occur - and as a bonus you get to expand your apiary.

hive to split.jpg

who to call if you find a swarm

Capturing and keeping a swarm is fairly easy if the swarm is hanging in a relatively accessible spot, you have a box, pail, or bag you can shake the swarm into,  and you have an empty brood box, bottom board, and cover to set up a permanent hive.  In a pinch a honey super and a couple pieces of plywood will work as a temporary measure until you are able to set up a regular hive.  There are many videos and instruction with varying methods  on the Internet so we'll leave it to you to search and look them over.  If the above conditions don't work for you click the link below for a list of local beekeepers who would love to capture a hive.