July 8 Meeting: Saturday 9-11am

Hi Beekeepers!!
Hold on to your veils, this is a long email!  I haven't communicated with you for a long time, so have a lot to say :)

Despite my original intentions to change to evening meetings for the summer to possibly accommodate more members, I've made the decision to stick with Saturday morning meetings.  I simply don't have the energy and enough brain power to host an evening meeting after working all day in Missoula (yes, I'm being whiny!).  I apologize to all of you that would like to attend, but can't.  Perhaps the next president will be more ambitious :)

Meeting Location

We'll be meeting at my shop property at 756 Hollibaugh, Stevensville from 9-11am on Saturday July 8.  If it's cool enough, we can meet outside, but if it gets too warm, we can meet inside.  Please bring a chair.  We'll have coffee and treats and will spend a bit of time inspecting the two hives I have up there.  Google Map directions to my place are accurate.  I'm not far from the Stevensville airport, in a tan, two-tone shop on the northeast corner of Hollibaugh and Squires Lane.  If you need any help figuring out how to get there, shoot me an email or give me a call.

Meeting Agenda

  • Ravalli County Fair - Bee Booth volunteers needed!  Enter your honey and beeswax products.  The new Fair Book can be found here.  Don't limit yourself to bee products :)  Entering the fair can be a bit a addicting. (thanks a lot, Tracie!)
  • I'm working on an incentive program for "bee public service" and some club t-shirt ideas.  I may have that ready to debut by the meeting.
  • Building an FAQ/Knowledge Base.  Bring your questions and pictures to the meeting or send them to me in an email if you can't attend.  I want to start posting these on our web page, so let's start building it at the meeting and talk about the best ways to do this.
  • What should you be doing with your bees right now?  What should you be planning on doing through the end of the season?  What medications, etc do you need to make sure you have ordered?  What's your treatment and monitoring plan?
  • Open question and discussion time.
  • Hive inspection for those who wish to stick around.  It'll have been 2 weeks since I inspected these nucs from Sunrise at the time of the meeting.  Hope there are not any fun surprises!  I've got 2 deeps and 1 super on each.  I'm hoping that at least one of the supers has some capped honey.

What's Been Going On

I, and the other mentors, have been busy bees!  I've been doing lots of inspections with club members as well as my own.  There have been a lot of swarms and queen issues, but as I've said to people, maybe that's because I'm talking to a lot more of you than in the past.  We'll discuss some of what we've been seeing this summer at the meeting.


I'm putting on my UM Physics and Astronomy hat for a moment.  As many of you know, there is a total solar eclipse on August 21.  This is a truly spectacular and rare event, in that millions of people in the US are within a few hours drive of totality.  I put up a page on our physics website that contains links to some great information!
Out of scientific curiosity, I think it would be interesting to watch bee behavior during the eclipse.  In Stevensville, we'll only see about 93.5% obscuration.  I am headed to see the total eclipse in Idaho, so won't be around to watch my bees.  If you are sticking around here and get a chance to watch your bees, I'd love to hear about your observations!


Honey Extraction - Info and Volunteer Opp

I'm looking for a few people to volunteer to host the club extractor at their place.  This would involve knowing/learning how to extract/clean up and coordinating with club members to come to your place.  Last year Dan J and Loren hosted.  Let me know if you're interested in doing this.

Call For More Mentors!

If you've been keeping bees for 2 or 3 or more years, consider being a mentor!  In order for the club to continue to grow and help all the newbees, we really need to have more people helping.  If you can help 1 or 2 bee buddies, even at a "level 1 tech support" level, that would be incredibly helpful to us.  The ability to do a hive inspection with someone, take pictures and consult with some of the more experienced beekeepers is what I'm looking for.  I have been learning so much this summer with the help of Richard and Tracie.  If you're interested for this summer or next year, let me know...or I'll have to start pressuring those of you that I know have more experience to step up :)

Well, that's all for now!  I'm looking forward to seeing you soon, and hope your bees, gardening and whatever else you're doing is going well!

See you soon!  Don't forget to bring a chair to the meeting!