March10, 2018,  Bee Club Meeting

March 10, 2018 Beekeepers of the Bitterroot Meeting

<<meeting called to order by President Loren Stormo at approximately 0905>>

Minutes were approved from last meeting.

Discussion regarding separating from Bitterroot RC&D. Consensus seemed to be that it was a better idea to stay

Motion made, seconded and passed to add Tim Meyer and Dianne McBride to the list of people who can authorize checks from Bitterroot RC&D

Randy Oliver coming July 6 and 7. 1st day is classroom stuff and 2nd day is lab day at the bee yard for U of M. Cost should be about $60 for both days.

A microscope to check for Nosema was donated to the club.

A club apiary was proposed. Tim knows of 7 acres near Dutch Hill and 93 that would work. Concerns about how to register this Apiary with the state were discussed.

Western Bee still has some packages available for those who have not yet ordered bees.

Outdoor Bee will deliver to Hamilton on or about April 27 for those who have ordered from him. Bring cash or money order to pay when you pick them up from him. He may or may not have a few more nucs. Call Rueben to ask (509) 270-5803

A review of packages and nucs was done. Reminder not to release the queen too quickly since workers have not had a chance to get used to her.

Queens from this year are being marked in red.

Kerry talked about how to mark queens yourself.

Treatments were discussed. Nucs and packages should always be treated. Loren has oxalic acid vaporizers for ½ price for club members.

Hopguard was mentioned as a treatment. Contains lupulin from hops to treat for mites.

Testing for Nosema: Next meeting will be a lab day after the usual meeting. Members can bring squished bees to learn how to look for Nosema using the club microscope.

Feeding was discussed: 1 to 1 syrup mixture is ideal for spring.

Pollen patties provide protein to stimulate brood production. AP 23 is a good option.

Missoula Fresh Market offers 50 pound bags of sugar to beekeepers at their cost.

As a general rule don’t open the hive unless it’s 50 degrees outside.

Different types of feeders were discussed.

                Boardman feeders (outside) may encourage robbing.

                Ziploc bag filled with 1 gallon of sugar water placed on top of frames. 2 slits with a razor blade are sufficient.

Check your hives in late spring. If you are seeing queen cells and they are running out of room either do a split or provide more space with another brood box.

Supersedure (make a new queen) cells are usually in the middle of the frame and swarm cells are on the bottom (usually.)

Foundations should probably be replaced every 5 years or so.

<<open discussion after business portion meeting concluded at approximately 11:05 and meeting adjourned.>>

The March meeting is scheduled for Mar10th from 9 - 11 am at the Hamilton Assembly of God Church at 601 W Main Street in Hamilton.
Please bring a non-perishable food item to contribute to the church's food bank to express our appreciation for the use of the space!


We are still working on the agenda and topics to be discussed - BUT BE SURE IT WILL BE OF INTEREST.

If you have any specific questions or suggestions for a topic send us an email and we'll try to get it added.