There will be no June 2017 "meeting".  Instead we will be conducting informal mentor assisted hive inspections.  Jaylene is currently working on a "Sign Up Genius"  site which will allow you to sign up for specific hive inspection dates.  This is a work in progress and a link to that site will be listed and emailed to members as soon as it is functional.   In the meantime, to be considered for inclusion in a mentored hive inspection of your hives complete a MENTOR REQUEST with your location, number of hives, and some possible date/times you and your hives would be available. We will contact you to confirm and get additional information.  Once the "Sign Up Genius" site is up and running your site will be included and listed so other members can come observe the inspection
 NOTE: It is likely that we will have more requests than we can support so get your request in early and watch her for more details.  Also sign up to get on our email list to keep updated on the progress.

Beekeepers of the Bitterroot

Meeting Notes

May 13, 2017

June – No meeting next month. Instead, we’ll be arranging hive inspections; Jaylene will send an email with more info shortly. This is a great opportunity for new beekeepers to inspect their hives with experienced club members by their side.

Fair – Start thinking about entering your honey and hive products in the fair, which takes place August 30-September 2 this year. Be aware that entries are due a week or two prior to the fair, so plan accordingly.

What you should be doing with your bees now –

·        Prevent swarming! When your bees have drawn out seven frames of comb, it’s time to add another hive body. Most nucs will have reached that point by now. Packages are a little slower to build up, but check them regularly. You don’t want your investment to fly away.

·        Feed. Give your bees 1:1 sugar syrup for as long as they will take it, or up until you add honey supers.

·        Treat Western Bee packages for varroa mites. Consult your mentor for more info.

·        Monitor monthly for varroa mites throughout the season.

Q&A – The rest of the meeting was devoted to questions and answers. Thanks to all who asked and answered.

Next meeting: TBD