Minutes/Notes from January 2017 meeting

Thanks to all who attended our January Beeginning Beekeeping class.   It's quite a commitment to give up most of a Saturday, so I'm hoping you all got something out of the class, and I applaud your dedication to learn more about bees!  

We had roughly 60 newbees and 14 instructors and volunteers, which is fantastic!

Thanks to our 13 volunteers and instructors.  Warren, Tracie, Richard, Loren, Kirk, Jeanne, Bev, Karen, Desiree, Martha, Miles, Marie and Kim, AND the church for letting us use their facilities.


If you want to order a package from Western Bee AND have your package brought from Polson to Missoula, here's what to do:

  1. On February 1, call Western Bee at 406-883-2918 and reserve your package(s).
  2. Tell them you are part of the Beekeepers of the Bitterroot and you'd like to be on their "Bitterroot list".  This means that when/if the UM bee people pick up the bees in Polson the first week of May, that your bees will make their way down to Fort Missoula (more details later!).
  3. Fill out this form!!!!!  I need to provide Vicki of Western Bee with a list so she can cross-check with her list.  I'm always worried about this working out, so PLEASE PLEASE fill out the form or call me(406-529-9174) to let us know you've ordered a package from them.
  4. I will get in touch with you by email as we approach the delivery date to confirm your pickup location.

If you want to order your package from Western Bee and go to Polson to get it, let them know that.



If you signed up for a nuc(s), I will be adding you to the list and will email you a confirmation.  I will also automatically add you to our mailing list so that you can get email updates about your nuc delivery.  We definitely hope that if you're getting a nuc through the club that you will join the club.

As a last reminder, nuc order from Sunrise in E. Washington may be done on this form.  I will be turning in a final count on Feb. 12.

Richard Norman has suggested an alternate source for nucs:
Another option for Nucs is Outdoor bees out of Spokane and they will be delivering to Missoula approx April 28.    Outdoorbee.com
The club is not organizing with them, so if you want to order from them, you'll need to arrange this on your own :)