Saturday, January 27, 2018

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Beekeepers of the Bitterroot

We had a great turnout for our Beeginning Beekeepers Class.  About 60 people showed up of the 80 who registered on-line.  That was a pretty good turnout.  It appeared that everyone enjoyed the class and picked up beginning knowledge and/or enhanced knowledge already stored in their brain.

Alyssa Piccolomini, the state entomologist, was a guest and her presentation was excellent and helped clear up information about registering apiaries with the state (it is a good idea).

Kellieann, Christy,and two more from Ravalli County Weed Commission presented good information on bee friendly plants and invasive and noxious plants we might find in Western Montana.  They were impressed by the number of people and interested expressed in bees and bee plants.  We hope to have them come to a future meeting to expand on that topic. 

Scott and Larry from the Missoula club attended and proposed a cooperative agreement between our clubs.  Any member of either club may attend the other club meetings with full privileges.  SOUNDS GREAT.  We're following up on that.

Remember, out next general meeting is on Saturday February 10th at the First Assembly of God 601 W Main Street in Hamilton.
Please bring a non-perishable food item to contribute to the church's food bank to express our appreciation for the use of the space!

Many thanks to Megann Williams of The Grind, the new coffee shop in the University facility for preparing our lunch meals and being so accommodating in the number of sandwiches needed.


Approximately how much does it cost to get started??

  • $55  per family (smoker, hive tool, bee brush)

  • $100 per protected person (full suit, gloves)

  • $175 per hive (4@ unassembled boxes with frames, foundation, etc.)

  • $150 per hive (1@ queen and 2-3 lbs. live worker bees)

  • $25 per year (Bee club membership for advice, equip.)

  • $20 per year to register your apiary with the State of Montana

  • TOTAL:   $525