The February meeting is scheduled for Feb 11 9-11am at the Hamilton Assembly of God Church at 601 W Main Street in Hamilton.  


We plan to talk about equipment, nucs, packages and the assigned readings.  If there is anything else you'd like to add to the agenda, please fill out this quick form!

Reading Assignments

I've decided, with the input of my fantastic bee club leadership, to begin assigning readings that we will discuss at the next meetings.  There is so much good information(or bad information!) out there, so we're hoping to provide a few articles each month that are from reputable sources to help all of you wade through the muck.  For our February meeting, please read the following articles which we will discuss as a group:

Randy Oliver's First Year Care for Your Nuc  - although he is addressing the nucs he sells, this is a great article.  He's a very respected beekeeper.

Why Did My Honey Bees Die? from beeinformed.org. I have to admit that I've had colonies die last year (and 2 years ago) with very similar symptoms.  It's a really great article, which leads me into:

VARROA MANAGMENT This is going to be a big BIG push in our club this year.  This link is to a fantastic article from Honey Bee Health Coalition.  It includes a great study of what types of treatments work at what time of year and why.