Meeting opened at approximately 9 AM February 10th  President Loren Stormo presiding.


Opening and greetings.

Renewing of memberships

Western Bee sent 2 $50 gift cards

Bitterroot Beekeeper members can join 2-3 sessions in the Missoula Bee club for free

Randy Oliver will be coming to Missoula July 6th and 7th for Field Days.

                -More to come

Pros and Cons of package vs. a nuc

  • Wait to release the queen to avoid swarming with a package since the bees in the package may not know or “trust” the queen yet

  • Nucs’ bees are more settled and ahead of the game but may swarm more readily

  • Outdoor Bee will deliver nucs to Missoula. Tim and Loren will pick up in Missoula and members can pick up at Super1 in Stevensville and Hamilton. Check the club website for other bee sources

  • It’s important to pick a good mentor! Talk to the club leadership about a mentor for club members.

Kerry Zimmerman shared info about woodenware.

  • 3 medium supers = 2 deep brood boxes

  • Kerry offered to loan out frame nailing jigs

  • It’s a good idea to keep an extra box, lid and bottom for in case you catch a swarm

  • Electric bee fences are important to deter bears

  • Use a doorway or wall to help create a 90% angle when putting together your boxes.

  • Nail a cleat on the ends of boxes to extend handholds


Treatments – time in between? Can treat concurrently for different diseases and pests

Dave Wick can test for diseases and pests if you bring him some bee carcasses

Feeding is important if bees don’t have enough honey. In hive feeders need ladders to avoid bee drowning

Drip board is helpful when harvesting honey

Meeting adjourned at approximately 11:10 AM.  Many folks hung around talking (guess what) BEES.


February 10, 2018,  Bee Club Meeting

The February meeting is scheduled for Feb 10th from 9 - 11am at the Hamilton Assembly of God Church at 601 W Main Street in Hamilton.
Please bring a non-perishable food item to contribute to the church's food bank to express our appreciation for the use of the space!


9 – 9:15                    Club business

  •         Secretary/Treasurer position to separate positions.  Jack Casbara is nominee

  •         Request volunteers to help with completing by-laws

  •         Financial report

  •         Summary of Beeginner Beekeeping class

  •         Status of the search for a club microscope




9:15 – 11:00    Topics to help those buying bees

  •         Differences between NUCS and Packages

  •         Order your woodenware

  •         Assemble your woodenware with suggestions for avoiding pitfalls