JUNE 2019

Special Special Special

Beekeepers of the Bitterroot are planning on holding a special monthly meeting on Saturday June 8th from 9-11 AM at the Tellar Apiary on Quast Lane just off the East side highway south of Cowpoke Ranch Supply.  Weather permitting we will do a hive inspection and discussion.  Scott Debnam from the University of Montana will be there to explain what we are seeing.  Bring your bee suits.


The weather didn’t cooperate for our June meeting so we were unable to do the planned hive inspections at the Tellar Apiary.  However, Scott Debnam provided us a lot of information on hive inspections, swarming and swarm traps, and lots of other bee information.  Thank you Scott.  He is planning on coming again to the July meeting at the same place – hopefully with better weather.