Beekeepers of the Bitterroot will be holding our regular monthly meeting on Monday January 10th from 6 to 8 PM at the Mosaic Church at 206 W Main in Hamilton 2 doors west of the Naps Restaurant.


Items to be covered.


Dead outs - Gather up the equipment and put it in a dry location preferably in a garage or shed where cold weather will kill the wax moths and other critters. Cover equipment to keep mice and other critters out.


Plan for the upcoming year, do you need new equipment if so now is a good time to purchase, assemble and paint equipment. Old equipment in need of repairs and paint can be taken care of before the bee season starts up.


Bees will need to be ordered soon. Western Bee supplies packages usually late April or Early May. In the past orders were placed the first of February with a limited amount of packages. In my experience these packages have always been very good quality.


If you would like to perform splits in the spring we will discuss this in upcoming meetings. Mated queens added to splits have a quicker build up of the bees. We can discuss queen sources and perhaps a club order to reduce the cost of shipping. Splitting colonies is a proactive way to help prevent swarms or unwanted splits.


We will work on a list of bee sources for spring and get pricing information. Below is a list of sources we've used in the past  We will update our Bee Sources page as we get more information.

Western Bee Supply - Packages

Sunrise Honey - Nuc's

Outdoor Bees - Nuc's

Arlee Apiaries - Nuc's

Last year there was another source for Nuc's in the Great Falls area, I do not remember the details but will find out more.

Warren is working with an apiary to get packages earlier in the spring. Packages are good in the fact that you get only the bees and not frames that may have problems and earlier is better.