SEPTEMBER 8, 2018,  Bee Club Meeting

Beekeepers of the Bitterroot

Minutes of September 2018 meeting:

Meeting began at 9:07 am September 8, 2018

          Club business

  • Welcome new people. 

  • Volunteer log for RC&D was passed around and signed

  • August meeting minutes were approved. (Motion made, seconded and unanimously passed.)

  • Financial Report Income $2,130 ($905 for Beeginner Class, $1,225 for 49 memberships)  Expenses as of Sept 30 -  June, (audit slowed the processing of our reports)  $975 ($790 program expense, $185 Administrative)  Balance approx. $3,360.11.  (This doesn’t include a deposit from 9/6/18 of $1,323.95 for 6 memberships at $150 and 50% proceeds from Randy Oliver of $1,1173.95 or expenses of $30 for prizes at Ravalli Co. Fair.)

  • Anyone who has expenses to submit (coffee, doughnuts, etc.) was encouraged to do so soon before fiscal year end.

  • Thanks to:

    • Mentors

    • Tracie and Richard Norman for the booth setup and all who worked at the fair

  • Extraction at Joni and Loren’s.  Call 406-544-3515 to schedule your extraction

  • A quorum was established to vote for officers.

  • Election of officers for a 2 year term- Motion made, seconded, and unanimously passed to accept all officers as listed:

    • President – Loren Stormo

    • Vice President – Jaylene Naylor

    • Secretary/Treasurer – Dianne McBride

    • Directors:

      • Casey Ruggiero

      • Warren Neyenhuis

      • Tracie Norman

      • Al Pernichele


Fall preparations to increase odds of winter survival

  • Remove EXCESS honey (leave approx. 100 pounds)

  • Feed 2:1 sugar water

  • Take steps to reduce robbing

    • Don’t use Boardman front entrance feeders

    • Minimize entrance size

  • Test for pests and treat if necessary.

    • Varroa – high varroa counts have been found in the valley. Test and treat ASAP

    • Nosema

  • Research / consider insulating and/or wrapping hives during the winter

  • Questions

Suggested winter reading:


The Hive and the Honey Bee

Storey’s Guide to Keeping Honey Bees

The Beekeeper’s Problem Solver


Sites on the web to check out:


Honey Bee Health Coalition

Keith Delaplane

Jennifer Berry

Tom Seeley

Dewey Caron

Marla Spivak

Steve Shepard

Beekeepers of the Bitterroot will be holding our regular monthly meeting on Saturday September 8th from 9-11 AM at the Mosaic Church at 206 W Main in Hamilton 2 doors west of the Naps Restaurant.


Specific agenda and speaker topic/s to be determined.  (if you have a suggestion - send us a message)