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Dr. Jerry Bromenshenk from the University of Montana has developed a smartphone app that uses the sounds from beehives to diagnose the health of the colony.  He recently initiated a “Kickstarter” to gather funds to complete development of this tool.  You can see more about the app at the sites listed below:


Bee Health Guru Podcasts/Online Resources

Kickstarter URL – Closes May 29


Bee Keeping Today and Bee Culture Audio Podcast Interview with Drs. Bromenshenk and Firth regarding Bee Health Guru: 


Daily Beast OnLine Article, May, 2019, Story about Bee Health Guru and Oracle’s Efforts to Improve Bee Health


The Economist OnLine Article, March, 2018


Local and National TV Coverage, Using the App in the Apiary

KPAX CBS with David Firth:

ABC FOX with Jerry Bromenshenk:


Go here to access the “Kickstarter”:

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