AUGUST 11, 2018,  Bee Club Meeting

Meeting Minutes

August Beekeepers of the Bitterroot Club Meeting Minutes

August 11, 2018

Meeting called to order at 9:06.

Club business

  • Welcome new people.

  • Volunteer log for RC&D was passed

  • Minutes from June meeting were approved.

    • Financial Report Income $2,130 ($905 for Beeginner Class, $1,225 for 49 memberships)  Expenses as of Sept 30 -  June,  $975 ($790 program expense, $185 Administrative)  Balance approx. $3,360.11.

    • Randy Oliver Event:

      • Income = $7,248.45

      • Expenses = $4,900.55

      • “Profit” = $2,347.90 / 2 = $1,173.95 per club


  •  Thanks to:

    • All who worked on the Randy Oliver event

    • Mentors

    • All who worked on writing the bylaws for the club


  • 9:14 am: Bylaws for the club were discussed. A motion to accept the bylaws as written was made by Dianne McBride. Motion was seconded by Warren Neyenhuis.

    • Discussion:

      • Do we have enough people in attendance to make a quorum?

      • It was decided that a quorum is not needed until bylaws are actually in effect.

      • Will these bylaws be acceptable to the State of Montana?

      • Bylaws are patterned after the bylaws of other clubs so… yes.

    • 9:19 motion was voted on and unanimously carried.


  • Small hive beetle, Varroa, American foulbrood, Nosema – watch for pestilence.  Get ready for honey harvest

  • Two more people volunteered to host the honey extractor at their house.

  • Fair Time!!!

    • Booth volunteers (Openings: 6 @ 4 hour slots.  3 @ slots are already filled )


    • A motion was made by Warren Neyenhuis to donate up to $60 for prize money for ribbon winners in the “baked goods with honey” category at the fair. Motion was seconded by Tim Meyer. Motion passed unanimously.


    • Black jars were made available for those who entered honey tasting category.


  • Tim Meyer mentioned that Tammany Veterinary Hospital in Corvalis has a vet who is willing to learn about bees enough to be able to prescribe antibiotics for American Foul Brood. A vet will need to visit your apiary and inspect your bees first. Ask for Allie when you call.   (406) 961-1321

Jaylene Naylor on WAS 2018 in Boise


Club member and past club president Jaylene was elected 2nd Vice President of the Western Apicultural Society at the most recent conference of WAS in Boise.

Next WAS conference will be mid-July 2019 in Ashland, OR. Should be a good source in information and education.


Loren gave a presentation about Varroa Mites – Pest of the Honey Bee

   ** Randy Oliver screened Varroa cup for alcohol wash was given to all members in attendance.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 am.

Beekeepers of the Bitterroot will be holding our regular monthly meeting on Saturday August 11th from 9-11AM at the Mosaic Church at 206 W Main in Hamilton 2 doors west of the Naps Restaurant.


After the business portion of the meeting we will discuss detecting Varroa Mites in our hives and have a short workshop on how to create a do it yourself simple alcohol test shaker.”