Beekeepers of the Bitterroot February 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 9:00

9 – 9:30                    Club business

  • Welcome new people. Including FFA members.

  • Unchanged Financial Report Income $2,130

  • Expenses as of Jan. 30 -  June,  $1,215   Balance approx. $4,218.  

  • Vote for approval of $20 for Best Beekeeping prize at Ravalli Co. Fair - Bev made motion and Dianne seconded motion. No further discussion. Motion was voted on and passed unanimously.

  • Ask for volunteers for organizing a youth beekeeping program. Motion was made by Warren to form a committee for the program. Tim seconded motion. Discussion about the club owning the equipment and taking it back if kid didn’t want to do it anymore and or bees died and they didn’t replace them. Discussion about full scholarships maybe not being a good idea because kids would have less buy-in if they didn’t have to invest anything. Discussion about leaving it up to the committee to award full scholarship or not depending upon the kid and their situation and/or level of commitment. Other discussion mostly in favor of the program. Motion was voted on and passed unanimously.

  • Recognize pointer for us and Mosaic Church

  • WAS annual meeting 2020 and 2019. 2019 in Oregon. 2020 will be in Missoula.

  • Discussion about resources included in the email.


9:30 – 11:00    The fun stuff

Ordering bees

Here is a short list of sources for bees.  NOW is the time to order, so don't delay!

Some sources for buying bees – be positive they’re inspected and have their “papers” - According to Jaylene’s discussion with Alyssa Piccolomini (state apiculturist) all of these sources should be acceptable.


Packages (about 3 lbs of bees and a caged, mated queen)

  • Western Bee 

    • $130 with $20 non-refundable deposit for a total cost of $150

    • Can pick up in Polson or arrange with Western Bee to pick up at Fort Missoula

    • Taking orders now.  Call to get on list 406-883-2918.  As of Friday afternoon, 1/25/2019, Western Bee had received reservations for 150 of the 600 total packages they plan to sell.  AS of 2/7, 300 of the 600 are sold.  Don't be too late!

    • Pick up on last Friday in April

  • Murdoch’s

    • $139.99 due at time of order

    • In store pick up April/May.  24 hour notice


Nucs (4 or 5 frames of bees, brood, honey and a queen)

  • Sunrise Honey Company 509-999-2252 do not answer on Sundays

    • Queen in cage

    • Pick up in Clayton, WA in early April

    • Accepting orders now. $140


  • Outdoor Bee

  • Buzz's Bees

    • Pick up near Stevensville first week of May - ~1 week notice

    • $150

    • Contact Nicole at or call 530-532-4302

    • Payment in check ahead of time via mail


    • Nucs are started with a queen cell.  Queens are mated and laying prior to pickup.  Mite treatment just after the queen starts laying.


  • Assembling and painting your woodenware - make sure that’s done and ready to go before your bees arrive.

  • Your colony survival situation - many in the valley had great losses this year. Mite-borne diseases are suspected in most cases

  • Examining your hives for dead outs, colony autopsies - unless your hive died from American Foul Brood, reuse your equipment.

Meeting ended at 11:15